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I would like to know about this forum where you brought it from or invented it.
ask jon or rob / About the content, I can find out where to get more.
« Last post by Andrewsz on June 11, 2018, 12:48:11 AM »
I want to know about the knowledge on this forum can find out where?
channel 37 / Re: The Prometheus Project
« Last post by Goodspeed on December 02, 2017, 09:01:09 AM »
I listened to Prometheus and Red Orchestra's "A Grim Misadventure" a few times for some spooky fare last month. I posted about it at Joy Electric's forum but there wasn't a lot of discussion, heh.

What a great collaboration Prometheus and Red Orchestra was. Does anyone know of anything similar to that?
ask jon or rob / Re: Death of conversation?
« Last post by Jon Sonnenberg on October 03, 2017, 09:26:29 AM »
Ha!  I wish it were.   I just wrote a thread about the moving of my studio.  the good news is that it is easier for me to record and make music than it has ever been before!  The bad news is that I feel like I have less time to do this.  I will finish this as soon as I can.  I have versions of all the songs that I am constantly listening to in my car and making notes as to what I want to add or change.  Things are getting tighter and more refined.
ask jon or rob / time really does fly
« Last post by Jon Sonnenberg on October 03, 2017, 09:23:10 AM »
It is crazy how time consuming life can be.

After getting remarried this summer, I had moved to a different house.  It has taken 9 months to get the studio moved, organized, wired, and working.  One of the reasons that this has taken longer than usual is that there is more equipment to fit in and wire than there ever has been before.  Also, I am now a step dad of 2 wonderful children.  In addition to a new larger space, I bought several pieces of gear from my friend Ben who was downsizing his studio...

recently added gear:
I am mostly excited about a Yamaha CP-60M electric piano.  It is a fully working acoustic piano with wonderful pickups inside, a great preamp, and a 1/4" jack output.  It sounds amazing!

I also got a smaller timpani to use live since the one I was using was so big that I needed to remove the door from the studio to get it into the space.

I ended up buying the Make Noise 0-coast and the MFB Dominion-1 synthesizers which are both incredible. 

The new space is very large and I have everything set up and wired in.  I also have microphones hard wired to channels of a mixer so I don't even have to get mics out to record - I can just turn on the channels for drums, vocals, etc.  it is very convenient.

I am back to the point where I am working on Death of Conversation.  In the move, I can't seem to find my lyric notebook and have been rewriting new lyrics for these songs. BLAH!  things could be worse. 

On a totally different note, several months ago, my email at jon@  for my artoftravelogue -dot -c  o   m was hacked and I have been blacklisted from sending or replying to anything and everyone.  I have no idea how to fix this.  I immediately changed passwords and checked to see if any financial access had been compromised.   It hadn't - but it does make me nervous.  I may need to just close this email and set up a bunch of new emails, keeping logins separate from replies, and so forth.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to get out of blacklists for emails, please reply to this post.
ask jon or rob / Death of conversation?
« Last post by 30N 3NN1X on August 28, 2017, 02:32:12 PM »
Is it already/or almost ready for release?
conversation / Re: video games
« Last post by 30N 3NN1X on August 28, 2017, 02:30:19 PM »
There is now a mega man level designer available for PC, very much similar to the concept which mario maker.
It was released in july, so it is still really new and limited to some degree in options.
You can get it here.
channel 37 / Re: The Prometheus Project
« Last post by 30N 3NN1X on August 20, 2016, 04:47:54 PM »
house of wires / pivot clowj / Re: Pivot Clowj/Pirate Claug Releases
« Last post by 30N 3NN1X on June 24, 2016, 09:22:31 AM »
i'll be checking this out soon.
glad to see Jon is still putting stuff out somewhere in some format, things have gotten quite quiet for a while now.
house of wires / pivot clowj / Re: “Havoc Man”
« Last post by 30N 3NN1X on June 24, 2016, 09:19:31 AM »
a good attempt at deciphering the lyrics.

thanks for sharing.
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