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fade away
« on: August 18, 2008, 01:29:57 AM »
hey everybody,

i just wanted to let you know that the new fossil track "fade away", is now available for download and stream for those interested.

It can be downloaded here:

and previewed here:
or here:

once again i assisted with the lyrix for the song, however there were some minor adjustments done to them as well as the song being shortened by one verse since i originally wrote them.

i thought you might find it interesting to read the full original lyrix i wrote for the song, and so i've decided to post those here for now.

i fade away

left up to me
i'd fall back down
left on my own
i cannot win
my strength won't do
i claw the ground
setting in

oooh, oooh

left in the dark
i crawl around
left in the cold
and the wind
empty and drained
flawed by sin
is there no Hope
in the end?

Chorus:because there's a part of me i can't let go
'till i fade away (echo:i fade away)
and there's a part of You i cannot find
'till i fade away (echo:i fade away)

whispered:i fade away

(during silence) spoken:"He must increase, as i must decrease"

is this all there is to live for?
was this all that's meant for me?
am i nothing more than what i think of
or what i claim to be?
'cause this nothing leaves me empty
and my heart keeps growing cold
i once desired to be so strong
but i can't keep control


but there's something o-verwhelming
to this man upon the cross
it's not just ano-ther weak man's crutch, no
His death has paid my cost
now He is my Strength in weakness
and by His stripes i am healed
to the perishing it's foolishness
but all, to those He Saved (or Sealed)


30N 0U7!
30N 0U7!