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. . . lucky dog . . .
« on: January 29, 2009, 11:26:10 PM »

you play your cards
while the ice in your glass
it only clinks like the bells
you hear chanting your death
yet you're letting it ride
with the devil at side
and he's grinning like mad
with your plastic grease-painted bride

but when it comes to a close
and the damage is done
you'll only find that you lose
at least the gamble was fun
the game is over
there's nowhere to run
you're a dead dog

jumping back in the game
you think you still have a chance
but it was really for naught
until you drained your last cent
keep on rolling them bones
your chair becomes your gravestone
the show is over you know
the fat lady went home

the curtain's starting to fall
you see the end to it all
maybe "the cards weren't in your favor"
or you've no "luck" at all
or could it be when the end come's
you're a mad dog

don't gamble
your eternity

written by 30N 3NN1X (me)
30N 0U7!