Author Topic: back . . . and forth-coming  (Read 1583 times)

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back . . . and forth-coming
« on: May 24, 2009, 12:31:39 PM »
hey everyone,

i am back from Illinois.

everything with the wake and funeral went well.

i also had the opportunity to hang around my uncle for a little while, whom i've probably only seen about 3 times (for a couple of hours each time) in the last 12 years.

i found some of my mom's old photo albums while i was there too and went through them.

i saw a lot of pics of my dad and mom when they were still together and i was about 2 (these were interesting because i have no memories from when my parents were together), as well as a lot of photo's from before my birth.

now for another Prayer request.

Yes, yet another, aren't i becoming a nuisance! :P

we are expecting another baby.

we just found out while i was away in Illinois, though we thought we might be.

we have experienced 11 miscarriages in the past (some before Jacob was born and some after) so please be in Prayer for my wife's levels to be where they need to be and for Peace over our Home.

Thanx for all your Prayers and replies,

may God Bless you all and may Jesus be your Peace.

your Friend and Brother in Christ,

30N 0U7!