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Prayer Request
« on: March 15, 2014, 09:44:19 AM »
hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, i am posting this Prayer request for a relative of ours whose body is being attacked by cancer once again.
She had been given a clean bill of health last year, but after a bout of pneumonia in January, it was found that it had once again resurfaced, this time in her lungs.
they are putting in tubes to clear fluid from her lungs as a long term treatment.

first off, we are Praying that the procedure to put in the tubes be done successfully without any errors, and secondly that God would miraculously heal her for good of this disease.
the doctors are giving her about a year more in their estimation, but we all Know that our God, the designer of the Universe, can do whatever He likes in these situations, He is not limited or hindered by some disease.
we ask that you would all be in Prayer for her as well.

thank you in advance for your Compassion and Kindness in doing so.

in Christ Jesus,
Christopher and Kelly White
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