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Daphne Oramics
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:57:37 AM »
Ronnie Martin and I started a collaboration about 5 years ago called Daphne Oramics.  There have been a few songs ('Love was Severed' and 'Wendy's Room') that either made it onto compilations or I posted on Soundcloud.  At first, Ronnie would come over and we would work out a couple of songs.  Then over the next year, we would get together and make a few more.  It is difficult to find time when I work M-F and he is Pastor of a church now. 

We eventually have 8 songs, 4 of them I sing and 4 of them Ronnie sings.  Ronnie plays drums and a few synths on the album, I played the majority of the synths and we did not sequence anything.

It is finished and in mastering right now.  Artwork is being worked on.  Plastiq Musiq will be releasing it very soon!